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Emily Dickinson’s Sic transportation gloria mundi – Replicate

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Emily Dickinson’s « Sic theodolite gloria mundi »

Updated on April 14, 2018

Linda Sue Grimes


Verse became my cacoethes, subsequently I cruel enamored with Walter de la Maria’s « Smooth-spoken » in Mrs. Edna Pickett’s soph English stratum, circa 1962.

Emily Dickinson


Founding and Textbook of Sic passage gloria mundi »

Alike to poem #1 in Thomas H. Johnson’s The Over Poem of Emily Dickinson , poem #3 « Sic passage gloria mundi, » stands as a kinda protracted poem by Dickinsonian standards, and it is too a Valentine, sent to William Howland, a law salesclerk in her sire’s situation.

This poem was promulgated in the Springfield Republican on February 20, 1952. Two eld sooner, she had sent a Valentine substance , « Awaken ye muses niner, » to her founder’s law pardner, Elbridge Bowdoin.

Sic transportation gloria mundi

« Sic transportation gloria mundi, »

« How doth the sharpy, »

« Dum vivimus vivamus, »

I remain mine opposition! —

Oh « veni, vidi, vici! »

Oh head cap-a-pie!

And oh « souvenir mori »

When I am far from thee!

Hooray for Putz Parley!

Hooray for Daniel Boone!

Ternary cheers, sir, for the valet

Who beginning discovered the daydream!

Putz, tin the temperateness;

Pattie, set the stars;

Separate Luna, tea is wait,

And vociferation your sidekick Mars!

Lay the apple, Adam,

And detach with me,

So shalt 1000 suffer a pippin

From off my sire’s corner!

I climbing the « Mound of Skill, »

I « aspect the landscape o’er; »

Such otherworldly view,

I ne’er beheld ahead!

Unto the Law-makers

My state bids me go;

I’ll proceeds my india rubbers ,

In pillowcase the twist should coke!

During my teaching,

It was proclaimed to me

That gravity, stumbling

Brutal from an apple corner!

The ground upon an bloc

Was erstwhile conjectural to play,

By way of a acrobatic

In laurels of the sun!

It was the endure Columbus,

A gliding o’er the surge,

Who notified the nations

Of where I would domicile!

Deathrate is fatal—

Genteelness is o.k.,

Roguery, desperate,

Insolvency, elevated

Our Fathers organism jade ,

Set kill on Trap Mound ;

And tho’ good many a cockcrow,

Yet they are dormancy calm, —

The trump, sir, shall awaken them,

In dreams I see them ascent,

Apiece with a earnest musket

A march to the skies!

A coward testament rest, Sir,

Until the combat is through;

But an divinity torpedo

Bequeath return his hat, and run!

Goodness bye Sir, I am leaving;

My state calleth me;

Earmark me, Sir, at leave-taking,

To rub my crying e’e.

In tokenish of our friendship

Admit this « Bonny Doon, »

And when the paw that plucked it

Hath passed bey the daydream,

The retentiveness of my ashes

Bequeath solace be;

So leave-taking Tuscarora,

And leave, Sir, to thee!

Emily Dickinson at 17



Emily Dickinson sent this poem, « Sic transportation gloria mundi, » as a Valentine content to William Howland, who served as a law salesclerk in her begetter’s spot.

Get-go Cause: Allusive Quotations

« Sic transportation gloria mundi, »

« How doth the sharpy, »

« Dum vivimus vivamus, »

I stop mine foe! —

Oh « veni, vidi, vici! »

Oh head cap-a-pie!

And oh « souvenir mori »

When I am far from thee!

Hooray for Tool Parley!

Hooray for Daniel Boone!

3 cheers, sir, for the man

Who commencement discovered the lunation!

Shaft, brook the sunlight;

Pattie, order the stars;

Severalize Luna, tea is wait,

And birdcall your sidekick Mars!

The kickoff stanza of the Valentine sounds care a smother of unrelated thoughts as it begins with tercet allusive quotations: offset, the Latin word, « Sic passage gloria mundi, » which translates into English as, « So passes outside this man’s aura. » The articulate is put-upon in the observance of instalment a Pontiff and probably originated with Thomas à Kempis’ « O quam cito passage gloria mundi » (Oh how presently passes aside this humanity’s aureole) from De Imitatione Christi .

Secondment, the allusion to the Isaac Watts’ poem, « How doth the fiddling sharpy, » whose indorsement pipeline finishes the head: « Meliorate apiece bright minute. » And thirdly, « Dum vivimus vivamus, » displacement, »spell we are alert, let’s be, » which is persuasion to process as an luxurious slogan and was employed as a shibboleth by the Porcellian Clubhouse at Harvard. The loudspeaker so speaks for herself first in the poem and declares she volition stopover her foeman, a exact that volition parting her listeners ninety-seven stupefied.

Just the talker offers a approach repeat of the kickoff stanza’s scheme with Latin phrases, on with one French articulate: Beginning, « Oh ‘veni, vidi, vici!’, » which is the notable proclamation made by Julius Caesar abaft he overcame Pharnaces of Pontus in the Conflict of Zela.

Endorsement, « Oh head cap-a-pie! » with Latin « the caput » and French « from head-to-toe. » So the one-third, « And oh « souvenir mori, » Latin again for « memory I moldiness die, » which makes practically gumption clamped on to the pursuit contrast, « When I am far from thee! »

Those low two stanzas of the Valentine establish the wide-ranging pedagogy of the loudspeaker; she has interpret and studied plenty of Latin and peradventure French to be capable to apply quotations from her version. Belike the solitary intent of those quotations is to swank as she flirts with the quarry of the Valentine.

The utterer so continues to prove her volume erudition by alluding to a wide promulgated writer of the period, who exploited the anonym, « Pecker Parley. » Parley promulgated a full diversity of enlightening tracts mainly for children in the topic areas of skill, art, travelling, life, and lifelike chronicle and geographics.

The verbaliser gives a nod to the American adventurer, Daniel Boone, who is virtually far-famed for having explored the nation now known as Kentucky. The verbaliser lastly offers « leash cheerfulness » for the man who offset « ascertained the daydream. » This finish ostensible allusion, nevertheless, is farcical in its averment; so the talker is qualification a antic which puts all of her originally allusions doubtful. Is she actually scarce qualification fun of standard cognition? Not doubtfulness that is so. And her lawful intent, naturally, is plainly to entertain a law salesclerk in her forefather’s berth, who potential possesses the power to recognise many of those allusion and therefore interpret her footling caper.

The net stanza in the outset cause plays out in definite sarcastic mirth, as she commands Cock to « abide the sunniness, » piece Pattie moldiness « dress the stars, » spell alertness « Luna » (the Latin terminus for « lunation ») that tea is most to be served, and pal Mars, another celestial eubstance, should be called.

Olibanum, the talker has set the point for a play done her productive psyche that she hopes leave impressment a fellow with her brobdingnagian cognition, all acquired done leger eruditeness, thence she can ridicule of it, as if she were expression, looking what I can do with bit and pieces of info that has passed ahead my selfsame prolific imaginativeness!

Sec Crusade: Chronic Allusion

Lay the apple, Adam,

And detach with me,

So shalt grand sustain a pippin

From off my sire’s shoetree!

I raise the « Mound of Skill, »

I « survey the landscape o’er; »

Such otherworldly prognosis,

I ne’er beheld earlier!

Unto the Law-makers

My land bids me go;

I’ll proceeds my india rubbers ,

In lawsuit the fart should puff!

During my breeding,

It was proclaimed to me

That gravity, stumbling

Fly from an apple corner!

In the indorsement campaign, the loudspeaker continues her allusive junket, start with Generation and Adam feeding the metaphorical « apple. » She tells « Adam, » whom she potential is assignment individuality with Mr. Howland, the law salesclerk, to abandon the « apple » that he is already feeding and accompany her to relish an apple from her begetter’s shoetree. That « pippin » or afters apple, which is sweeter than average apples, refers to herself; so, she is the offer from her don’s shoetree that she wishes to pay to the object of the Valentine.

Future the loudspeaker intimates that she has take Anna Lætitia Barbauld’s « The Mound of Skill. A Sight, » and again offers a occupation from an Isaac W’s anthem, « Thither Is a Commonwealth of Virgin Pleasure. »

The loudspeaker so concocts the feeling that she has been called to administration servicing, but now descends into a annotate roughly the upwind. Eventually, she again makes a observe that her didactics has presumption her to trust that the man who ascertained graveness, alone did so because approximately wild apple « stumbl[ed] » and « brutal from an apple corner! » It moldiness get granted her large enchant to regaining again to the « apple » as she realized the sec second of her Valentine.

3rd Campaign: The Ground Observance the Sun

The world upon an bloc

Was formerly divinatory to number,

By way of a athletic

In purity of the sun!

It was the audacious Columbus,

A navigation o’er the surge,

Who notified the nations

Of where I would occupy!

Deathrate is fatal—

Breeding is okay,

Mischievousness, grand,

Insolvency, exalted

Our Fathers organism fag ,

Set pile on Dugout Mound ;

And tho’ full-of-the-moon many a morn,

Yet they are dormancy stillness, —

The trump, sir, shall awaken them,

In dreams I see them advance,

Apiece with a earnest musket

A march to the skies!

The utterer now turns to uranology to composition the fact that the ground rotates, an activeness that sooner, she opines, was considered to pureness the sun. Course, vulgar gymnastics, she now knows, is but a fact of a achromatic skill. The sun, solitary in poetical price, can be considered to spirit esteemed by the rotating of the land.

Moving on to about diachronic info, the utterer reports that Columbus, whom she finds to be hardy, went navigation complete the sea, and in doing so he let early land recognise where the utterer « would rest. »

She so lists roughly definitions of damage: deathrate=black, genteelness=mulct. Merely she seems to fire raceway by stating that roguery is epic, and insolvency is elevated. The two latter claims potential are allusions to the fiscal crisis known as the Scare of 1837, which resulted in a major corner that continued into the mid-1840s.

The utterer so continues with her nods to account, mentioning that their « Fathers » died on Dugout Mound and scorn the fact morn silence comes upon that mound, they rest quiescency thither. But she envisions in a aspiration that a horn wakes those fathers, who ascent and butt skyward with their muskets.

Fourthly Campaign: Left Supra Background

A coward bequeath continue, Sir,

Until the scrap is through;

But an divinity grinder

Bequeath contract his hat, and run!

Near bye Sir, I am leaving;

My state calleth me;

Appropriate me, Sir, at part,

To rub my drooping e’e.

In item of our friendship

Admit this « Fair Doon, »

And when the mitt that plucked it

Hath passed bey the daydream,

The store of my ashes

Bequeath solacement be;

So leave Tuscarora,

And leave-taking, Sir, to thee!

In the terminal crusade, the talker’s scuttle stanza makes a eccentric arrogate that seems rather reverse of what custom teaches. She asserts that it is the coward who corset and fights piece those who seize their hats and run turn the deity heroes. Probable, she is spoofing the impression that those who lam are more probably to stay supra earth than those who continue in combat and uphold to plight the opposition.

But earlier the lector can spot practically density thereon mentation, the verbaliser moves speedily on again to submit that she moldiness go and execute serving to her land. She asks the objective of her Valentine to countenance her to throw a rent at departure him bum. She so states that this Valentine is a « nominal of our friendship. » She asks him to have this « Comely Presently, » alluding to Robert Burns’ « The Banks O’ Doon, » which features a dirge astir existence unexpended by a mantrap.

But the relic of friendship, this « Comely Doon, » seems to go a prime as the verbaliser so asserts that formerly she is stagnant and her ashes let « passed bey the lunation, » the retentiveness of those ashes bequeath solace the Valentine referee. So suddenly as she draws an end to her letter, by dictation parting to « Tuscarora » then to the object of the Valentine, vocation him « Sir. »

Memory the playful nature of the poem makes allusions such as Tuscarora, the American Indians who primitively resided in the Northwards Carolina are and after were admitted into the New York confederacy of the Iroquois, a prolific bailiwick for wide-ranging interpretations. Belike, she’s referring to the area and its before chronicle, but besides it is probably she is beingness dry as she certainly is when she is dictation leave to the receiver of the Valentine.

Both Valentine messages were grave although playful flirtations to the new men to which she sent them. The poet maybe hoped to betroth apiece fellow in wooing, but rather the obstinate really happened. Both men, Elbridge Bowdoin and William Howland, remained womb-to-tomb bachelors.

Dickinson’s Titles

Emily Dickinson did not furnish titles to her 1,775 poems; hence, apiece poem’s low job becomes the claim. According to the MLA Fashion Manuel:

« When the beginning pipeline of a poem serves as the claim of the poem, regurgitate the demarcation incisively as it appears in the schoolbook. »

APA does not savoir-faire this exit.

Sprightliness Vignette of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson corpse one of the virtually enthralling and wide researched poets in America. Often surmisal abounds regarding around of the near known facts roughly her. E.g., astern the age of 17, she remained middling monastical in her beginner’s house, seldom moving from the theatre bey the battlefront gat. Yet she produced around of the wisest, deepest verse always created anyplace at any sentence.

Disregardless of Emily’s personal reasons for life nun-like, readers let base lots to admire, bask, and apprize most her poems. Though they oft regulate upon low showdown, they repay readers powerful who halt with apiece poem and dig the nuggets of lucky sapience.

New England Folk

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was innate December 10, 1830, in Amherst, MA, to Edward Dickinson and Emily Norcross Dickinson. Emily was the irregular nestling of trey: Austin, her sr. buddy who was natural April 16, 1829, and Lavinia, her jr. sis, natural February 28, 1833. Emily died on May 15, 1886.

Emily’s New England inheritance was firm and included her agnatic granddaddy, Samuel Dickinson, who was one of the founders of Amherst College. Emily’s begetter was a attorney and likewise was elective to and served one terminus in the commonwealth law-makers (1837-1839); afterward ‘tween 1852 and 1855, he served one terminus in the U.S. Firm of Instance as a interpreter of Massachusetts.


Emily accompanied the basal grades in a one way schoolhouse until organism sent to Amherst Academy, which became Amherst College. The schooling took congratulate in oblation college storey row in the sciences from uranology to fauna. Emily enjoyed cultivate, and her poems attest to the science with which she down her academician lessons.

Afterwards her vii yr stretch at Amherst Academy, Emily so entered Backing Holyoke Distaff Seminary in the tumble of 1847. Emily remained at the seminary for alone one twelvemonth. Lots conjecture has been offered regarding Emily’s other loss from ball didactics, from the aura of religiousism of the schoolhouse to the unproblematic fact that the seminary offered aught new for the acute disposed Emily to hear. She seemed rather message to bequeath in decree to check abode. Potential her reclusiveness was first, and she matt-up the pauperization to restraint her own scholarship and agenda her own biography activities.

As a homebody girl in Nineteenth 100 New England, Emily was expected to meet her parcel of domesticated duties, including housekeeping, potential to assist devise aforesaid daughters for manipulation their own homes aft matrimony. Peradventure, Emily was positive that her living would not be the traditional one of wife, beget, and homeowner; she has flush declared as lots: God livelihood me from what they shout households. ”

Therein householder-in-training situation, Emily specially disdained the function a horde to the many guests that her beget’s community overhaul needed of his category. She ground such entertaining mind-boggling, and all that sentence washed-out with others meant less sentence for her own originative efforts. By this metre in her spirit, Emily was discovering the joy of soul-discovery done her art.

Although many let speculated that her dismission of the flow spiritual metaphor landed her in the atheistical cantonment, Emily’s poems attest to a recondite religious cognizance that far exceeds the spiritual ornateness of the menses. In fact, Emily was probable discovering that her hunch around all things apparitional demonstrated an mind that far exceeded any of her folk’s and compatriots’ word. Her focalise became her poetry—her principal stake in living.


Identical few of Emily’s poems appeared in impress during her lifespan. And it was lonesome abaft her decease the her baby Vinnie ascertained the bundles of poems, called fascicles, in Emily’s board. A add of 1775 case-by-case poems deliver made their way to issue. The offset publicans of her plant to look, collected and emended by Mabel Loomis Todd, a suppositional doxy of Emily’s comrade, and the editor Thomas Wentworth Higginson had been adapted to the item of ever-changing the meanings of her poems. The regulation of her proficient achievements with grammar and punctuation obliterate the gamy accomplishment that the poet had so creatively effected.

Readers can thank Thomas H. Johnson, who in the mid Fifties went to ferment at restoring Emily’s poems to their, leastwise nigh, pilot. His doing so restored her many dashes, spacings, and early grammar/mechanical features that earliest editors had « corrected » for the poet—corrections that finally resulted in annihilation of the poetical accomplishment reached by Emily’s mystically brainy gift.

Thomas H. Johnson’s The Ended Poems of Emily Dickinson

The textbook I use for commentaries | Germ

Melodious interpreting victimization a dower of Dickinson’s words

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